Hot Air Drier is specially designed for drying almost all types of natural and man made Yarns like Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Acrylic, Silk, Wool in various form like Loose Fiber, Hanks & Cones .

  • Construction : Exterior is made of fully insulated mild steel square pipe and covered with mild steel sheet with powder coated paint finish. Interior, the insulation is covered with galvanized sheet duly coated with high temperature resistant coating.

  • Insulation : All sides of drier cabinet are fully insulated with 50 mm thick glass wool for preventing Heat Loss / Heat leakage.

  • Doors : Front open able hinged doors, insulated with 50 mm thick glass wool & door are lined with silicon rubber gasket for preventing any heat loss.

  • Locking : In case of single door cabinet, spring and roller type latch is provided & in case of double door cabinet, container type rod locking assembly is provided for effective secure seal.

  • Air Circulation : Forced air circulation is done by specially designed re-circulation blowers fitted inside the drier for better uniformity of temperature inside the chamber.
  • Ventilation : Very efficient electric De-humidifier operated with digital timer is provided along with adjustable manual air damper.

  • Heating : Various heating methods are offered as per the requirement such as electric heating, heating by thermic fluid or steam with fin type heat exchanger.

  • Carrier Trolley : For loose hanks carrier trolley is provided with aluminum hanger for hanging the hanks. Removable trays are provided for drying loose fiber and trims. Creel type trolley is provided for drying cones and bobbins. Drier is designed with foldable ramp for loading/unloading the carrier trolley.

  • Automatic Power Control Panel : Equipped with JOGSON Temperature Programmer TPR-14 which controls up to 8 programs with battery backup, blower fan On/Off, rate of temperature rise, hold time, operator call and memory retention in case of power failure.